6 Activities You Must Avoid to Keep Diabetes from Worsening

6 Activities You Must Avoid to Keep Diabetes from Worsening

Diabetes is a disease concerning a person’s glucose levels. Despite the sugary trigger of this condition, it holds no ounce of sweetness at all! It may place you in bitter situations and may bring forth unbearable pain. A wrong move in treating diabetes may prompt the aggravation of your condition, worse, untimely demise. What’s more? It demands expensive medical attention to be under control. Since this disease is usually a lifetime attachment, there will be a depletion of economic resources.

For those with loved ones stricken by this awful condition, always keep a keen watch. There are several occurrences that are easily tolerable but may pose serious risks. Here are six examples of which:

  • Smoking

    This vice by itself is already deadly. However, when paired with diabetes, a catastrophic combination is born. Smoking is known to lead to kidney failure, heart diseases, blindness, ulcers, and even amputation (due to the hampered blood flow to the limbs).

  • High cholesterol level

    One gets high cholesterol level when the consumption of salty and fatty foods is constant. When a patient has high cholesterol, the blood vessels become prone to deterioration. If the said patient is also diabetic, the strong blood flow becomes extra destructive. This explains why diabetes is closely linked with stroke and cardiac arrest.

  • Lack of vaccination

    Diabetes weakens your immune system too. Without the natural protection against diseases, you need to artificially back yourself up. Vaccines are usually injected annually. Common essentials are the Flu, Hepatitis B, and Pneumonia vaccines. The older you get, the more you should update your vaccines.

  • Obesity

    Diabetics are always recommended to lose extra pounds. According to experts, carrying too much body fat messes the hormonal balance. It impedes the normal blood flow making it difficult for fast and equalized distribution of essential nutrients.

  • Skipping meals

    Skipping meals is not an effective way to lose weight. Unlike the misnomer, it can actually make you gain more. If you starve yourself, there is a big tendency that you will binge eat. Binge eating can rapidly propel weight gain.

  • Getting stressed out

    Be careful with your emotional health as well when diagnosed with diabetes. Stress is a sneaky killer. Though it can happen to you every day, there is no telling when will it trigger your body’s weaknesses and bring you down. Despite the disease, live a happy life. Learn to unwind and give yourself a break from time to time.

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