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                        CELLULAR MOBILE PTE LTD

                        National Distributor of Nokia

                        CMPL has been the sole distributor of the world-famed NOKIA cell phone since 1997 with only 500 handsets. But over the years CMPL sales have mushroomed to a proportion where the brand has been established as a preferred brand of cell phones in the country. With CMPL's technical resources, strong marketing, and distribution backbone we are proud to have enriched the lives of millions of Bangladeshis.
                        This has not only assisted grass-root level communications but also developed the expertise of Union Limited in the telecommunication field. Our customers are not only individuals but also renowned corporate entities like Chevron, Marico, Unilever, Pran RFL Group, British American Tobacco, etc. We are accomplishing our business with excellent customer service in the world of cellular phones. Our operational procedures have been praised and also have been copied and implemented worldwide. CMPL systems and processes acknowledged internationally to be the best in APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

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