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                        UNION TOUR SERVICES LTD

                        Travel Consultant

                        Union Tours & Services Ltd (UTSL), is an IATA accredited travel agency of Union Group, which furnishes the needs for the Travel and tourism sector of the company. UTSL provides tickets, Visa services, Package Tours, Travel consultancy and plethora of related services. UTSL has full access of GDS like Amadeus, Sabre & Galileo system for ticketing purposes.


                        On-Line Travel Agent (OTA):


                        Btrips.com, the online travel agency portal of Union Tours Services Limited is the latest incorporation in the family of Union Group. We are going for the soft launch of the OTA in the first week of September 2019. This will cater the growing demands and needs of the customer and trade partners, i.e. it will be a platform both for B2B and B2C. It is a joint venture company with a US Counter Part and will be unique platform to provide one stop solutions for tickets (Air for Domestic & International, Bus, and Train), hotels (home & abroad), all inclusive package tours, car rentals etc. to all over world with a competitive price.

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