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                        UNION TOURS & TRAVELS LTD

                        Air Canada

                        Air Canada:
                        UNION Tours & Travels Limited (UTTL) is appointed by Air Canada as General Sales Agent (GSA) in Bangladesh to handle offline Passenger operations. UTTL is striving to facilitate and promote the expansion of Air Canada passenger services in Bangladesh. 
                        UTTL has a team of well trained staff, state of the art logistics facilities, modern equipment, smart MIS system, in line with the global standards. Both Air Canada and UTTL are working shoulder to shoulder to ensure quality service to the passengers. Through its dedicated manpower and management UTTL made Air Canada the most preferred Airlines in Bangladesh.
                        Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB):
                        UTTL was the General Sales Agent (GSA) of Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) in Bangladesh from Nov, 2012 – Mar, 2019. UTTL continued and maintained this world class standard Airlines and expanded the market share. During our tenure, UUTL successfully managed to diversify the business pattern and resulted high yield long haul businesses and penetrated more on Premium Cabin sales and increased the overall market share. We also had signed up many corporate agreements with SME’s in the region and were a trusted partner of MAB in Bangladesh. 
                        Visa Service:
                        UTTL is the appointed Visa supporting agent of “Malaysia High Commission” and “Singapore Consulate Office” in Dhaka. UTTL is one of the most compliant and renowned Visa supporting agents in Bangladesh. UTTL is having well expert, skilled hands who have sound knowledgeable in processing Visa formalities. Our clients include Banks, Diplomats, Foreign Missions, NGOs, top corporate offices and Travel Trade Partners. 

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