Helping a Depressed Elderly Family Member

Helping a Depressed Elderly Family Member

There are seasons in everybody’s life when things get difficult. Those who are more mature in their years may find themselves getting depressed due to all of the changes that time brings. If you have senior loved ones in your life, make sure they are happy and mentally healthy.

Take Care of Your Body

Those who are depressed may start to neglect their external needs. Encourage your aging family members to take care of their body. Maintaining proper physical health will help them stay mentally healthy, as well.

  1. Help your senior loved ones when maintaining proper hygiene. Give them a hand with bathing, grooming, and make sure that the clothes they wear are clean.

  2. Motivate them to exercise. Something as simple as going on a walk around the neighborhood can cause their brain to release endorphins, making them happier.

  3. Provide your loved ones with healthy, wholesome meals. A good diet can improve anyone’s mood. Get them to load up on fruits and vegetables in order to boost their spirits.

  4. Make sure that your loved ones, in their advanced years, get a sufficient amount of sleep every night. As you age, you may start to struggle with getting to bed. If your senior loved ones can’t sleep, have them talk to their doctor about sleeping medications. A good night’s sleep will help them fight depression.


Don’t let your parent or family member be lonely. As the years go by, they may lose their close friends. Loneliness can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. Be the good company that your senior loved ones need. Do what you can to make them feel valued and included. Spend time with them, go out to lunch, watch movies, exercise together. If you don’t have the time or ability to accompany your loved ones, take some time out of your day to give them a call or send them a text. Any form of communication will show your loved ones that you care. You can also encourage them to go out and make new friends.

The Signs

Keep an eye on your aging loved ones as they reach their golden years and make sure that they are not suffering from depression. Your senior parents may be depressed if they are:

  1. Spending too much time of their time sleeping or not getting any sleep at all

  2. Failing to maintain proper hygiene

  3. Constantly having feelings of sadness and hopelessness

  4. Abusing substances

  5. Refraining from participating in the activities they normally love doing

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