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In order to know more about your needs, a nurse or case manager will schedule a day to sit with you in your home and identify your personal goals. Through collaboration with you and your love one, our home health agency in Massachusetts will develop a care plan suited to meet your goals and objectives.

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Non-Medical Home Care Services

Non -medical services are provided by home health aides (HHA), or certified nurse’s aides, under the supervision of a nurse. These services include personal care, and home attending. They follow a care plan developed for the client. Documentation of their care is reviewed by a nurse to determine if the client’s care plan is still appropriate, or if it needs to be revised to address any change in condition.

Our Non-medical services will include:

  • Meal Preparation
    You may have medical conditions that require specific dietary restrictions, and at specific scheduled times. Our staff will assist you in preparing meals and eating healthy.
  • Laundry
    Energy Levels may not be the same as they use to be in your younger years. Decrease in vision or other issues may make routine task such as laundry difficult. We are happy to give you a lending hand.
  • Light Housekeeping
    We understand that low energy level or other ageing related conditions may make it difficult to maintain your home. The light housekeeping service we offer are to keep the house tidy, not to provide deep cleaning of the house. We offer the following light housekeeping services: vacuuming, dish washing, dusting, sweeping, mopping, or whatever you’re willing to have providers do.
  • Companionship, Shopping, Transportation
    We can help getting you involved in the community by accompanying you to movies, grocery store, drive you to church, picking up medications, yoga class, and activities in the local community.
  • Medication Reminders
    Our care providers can remind you to take your medications on time. (Please keep in mind that our home health aides and certified nurse’s assistants do not touch the medications).
  • Bathing, Dressing and Grooming
    The fear of falling in the shower, decreased range of motion, having less energy, or having impaired memory might cause you to bathe less often than you would like to. A care provider can promote independence by supporting you in your personal routine.
  • Respite Care
    We provide families, or caregivers with an occasional relief from caregiver duties to prevent caregiver strain.

Home Health Skilled Services

These types of services are referred as medical or skilled services. They are prescribed by a physician and are carried out by nurses, nurse assistance, nurse practitioners, and therapists. Medicare, or Medicaid or other private insurances often cover these types of services.

We also provide home health care in Worcester Massachusetts:

  • Skilled Nursing Services
    A Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Certified Nurses Assistants (CNA) who will have received special training, will make periodic visits. Services include:

    • Observation and assessment of patient’s condition
    • Patient and caregiver education
    • Diabetic Care
    • Wound care
    • Ostomy Care
    • Medication administration
    • Tube feeding, Tracheostomy aspiration care.
    • Manage intravenous lines
  • Physical Therapy (PT)
    A physical therapist will help you safely improve, regain or prevent worsening of physical functions that may have been compromised as a result of an injury or illness.
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
    An occupational therapist will help you improve your ability to perform activities of daily living, and prevent worsening of the ability to perform these functions.
  • Speech/Language Therapy (SLP)
    Speech therapy is provided by a speech therapist and helps rehabilitate, improve, develop, or prevent worsening of speech/language communication or swallowing disorders.

We also work with Dementia patients…

Dementia is a progressive disease that affect the brain, and with time damages memory and other important cognitive functions. Our staff is trained to incorporate fun and interactive activities to the home care services. Using known learned thoughts like numbers, alphabet, rhymes while moving an item like a small ball, band or foam device results in fun and awakens the mind. Music therapy with varying beats of the older and newer era can also improve mood, and awaken the mind.

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DASA Home Health has a mission to support your independence by matching you with skilled, excellent caregivers. We aim to prevent hospitalizations, delay or prevent entry into long- term care and offer peace of mind for family members.


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