Home Stay Made Easier for Senior Citizen Patients

Home Stay Made Easier for Senior Citizen Patients

Reaching seniority is inescapable. This reality of life comes at us one step closer as each day ends. Once the same has arrived, we must be ready. Both our lifestyles and needs will change. The things that we can do by ourselves will lessen and the things we depend on others’ for will increase.

Considering that many will continuously need special assistance during old age, DASA Home Health, Inc. was born. We are a proactive and competitive Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. Since we have handled several elderly patients in the long time that we are in this services, we understood and analyzed their varied needs. How can we make homestay better for them? Here some examples how:

  • Movement and transport assistance

    Seniors usually suffer balance and mobility problems. Do not fret, our professionals are fully knowledgeable and trained in giving them appropriate physical assistance. If they have appointments outside their homes, our caregivers may escort them to make sure that they will not meet accidents like slips and falls.

  • Guided meals and medications

    Old-timers require a balanced diet. If someone capable is eyeing on what they eat, their health may not deteriorate. Also, with the help of our skilled nurses, the seniors will have someone to remind them when to take certain medications. Either under dosage or overdosage pose a critical risk to their health.

  • Personal hygiene maintenance

    Common diseases like colds and coughs are already dangerous for the elderly. To prevent such from penetrating them, they must be kept neat and clean. Considering that bathrooms can have wet floors, a senior on his own can at any time slip and acquire injuries.

  • Emotional and psychological support

    Reaching the twilight years causes hormonal changes that affect a person’s feelings. With no one to talk to and interact with, senior citizens may suffer depression. It is important to note that depression is perilous to anyone living alone because it may lead to self-harm and suicide.

  • Light errands

    The elderly should no longer push themselves to do house chores. Our caregivers can provide homemaking services to provide a complete and satisfying homecare experience.

  • Safety control

    Home is not safe for lone seniors. To protect them from any hazards, having a keen caregiver can keep home accidents from occurring.

  • Specialized care

    When your senior loved one suffers from fragile conditions, our highly skilled professionals can address their needs. Some of our impressive programs include ostomy care, diabetes care, IV care, and physical therapy.

Not all agencies offer the quality of services that we do! After all, we make sure that our patients are receiving our 100% and other value-added care. For your concerns and requests, DASA Home Health, Inc., a Home Health Agency in Massachusetts, can be contacted with this number: 508-459-3272.

Want to talk with us personally? Then visit our office at 255 Park Avenue, Suite 1101A, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609. Serving you and your loved ones is our ultimate pride and joy!


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