Tips for Safe Medication Administration At Home

Tips for Safe Medication Administration At Home

Drugs are dangerous, if and only if it is administered in the wrong dose and route. Physicians didn’t spend a decade of their life studying medicines and its interactions with the body if medicines are totally safe for use no matter the dosage and route of administration. The good effects of medicines happen in a chain wherein it starts with the correct prescription given by the physician to you or your loved ones. It continues with the right dispensation of medicines by the pharmacist or their technician. And the last mechanism in ensuring that the medicine is safe will depend on you.

That is why, before you administer the medicines, you need to do checks to ensure that your loved ones are totally safe as they take their needed medicines. Here are medicine tips from DASA Home Health which you need to know:

  • Make a list of all medicines and its right timing.

    In order for you to keep track of the medications which you have to give to your loved ones, you need to list down everything. All the medicines prescribed to them and put the corresponding timing as to when the medicines should be administered.

    When keeping a log of the medicines that have to be taken, it is imperative to write down the date, time, and dose of the drug. It would also be prudent on your part to write down any minor reactions your loved one’s exhibited while taking the medicines and confer it with the nurse or physician.

  • Always check before giving medicines.

    See to it that you have carefully checked the medicines you are about to give to your loved ones. For instance, check if you have picked the right pill needed for the particular time. See to it that you have administered it in the right route in order for you to enhance its efficacy as it works on your loved ones.

    Further, never forget about measuring the right dose of the medicines which you need to give. Use pill cutters to correctly score tablets and pills in half or quarters. Measure suspension medications at eye level to see that its lower meniscus has touched the correct level. Or if you are uncertain of your techniques, you can always seek assistance from Non Medical Home Care Services.

  • Store medicines correctly.

    Even if you are very diligent in keeping logs of the medicines or when preparing the correct dose, you must also see to it that you store the medicines in their proper storage. Take for instance certain biologics, insulin, or antibiotics, these medicines have to be stored in the fridge at a certain temperature (you might want to use thermometers to get accurate temperature control).

    There are also medicines that have to be placed away from direct sunlight and moisture. To know the special precautions about storing your medicine, it is best to read its pamphlet so you’ll know how to properly maintain its potency.

As simple as logging, checking the medicines and properly storing it will go a long way. It can help in maintaining the potency of the drug and ensure that it acts with maximum effects on your loved ones. To be assured on the safe use of medicines, you can always seek professional help from Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. Remember that the proper way of giving medications is an act of compassion and care, so that your loved ones will always have comfort.


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